Start your Business: Best eCommerce Product Niches for 2021

Best eCommerce Product Niches

What is an eCommerce Niche?

The words “eCommerce” and “Niche ” get thrown around a lot these days, especially on the internet. On individual levels, eCommerce is a term for a booming industry that sells through online marketing. Any online business you can think of that consists of products and services from beach attire, laundry services, to air conditioners – there is going to be an eCommerce niche catering to that need. 

An eCommerce Niche, however, is a specialised market segment that allows solving particular problems. For example, you want to start a business on skincare products. Any skincare enthusiast would know that the skincare industry is so huge that it would be difficult to find what products to sell. To do this, you must try finding your Niche by identifying how you can cater to a smaller group in the skincare market. Is your niche target market a supporter of clean beauty? What skin type do they have? Do they prefer eco-friendly products? The process of getting more specific about your target market is called “Niching Down,” which is one of the most critical parts of establishing a successful eCommerce business. 

Why is Niching down important?

Let us assume you are a fitness enthusiast, and you need to get yourself a pair of reliable trainers for your heavy strength workouts at home or the gym. Heavy exercises could be risky and may cause injuries if you don’t have a proper form or balance – hence the need for appropriate trainers. Would you instead buy your trainers from a trusted brand to produce quality trainers that suit this very purpose? Or would you instead buy from a generic brand that sells different sorts of stuff without any specialty and has not established enough trust on your end? Of course, you will get your trainers from the former.

Successful brands are successful because they focus on solving a particular problem before expanding to different related products and services. Niching down is all about concentrating and establishing your trust with your target market while aiming to be the business they will think about once their specific problems arise. Niching turns your target customers into loyal customers, and as the saying goes: “If you try to please everyone, you’ll please no one.”  If you want your eCommerce business to skyrocket in sales, you need to find your niche market.

What are the best eCommerce Niches for 2021?

The year 2021 is not far from the 2020 living situation where people were forced to stay indoors and practice social distancing whenever going out. Industries are by no doubt adapting to this new lifestyle of people. eCommerce has been more relevant than ever because people are now purchasing their needs and wants from their homes and having them delivered to their doorsteps. Who wouldn’t want a piece of this fast-growing industry, right?

If you want to start an eCommerce business but not sure what are the hottest products to sell yet, stay with us. Because with the help of Google, we were able to list down the Top 13 best eCommerce Niche Ideas for 2021.

What Products are in High Demand?

1. Prefabricated Kitchens & Kitchenettes

Prefabricated Kitchens & Kitchenettes
Photo from Pexels

With more time spent inside their homes, people are now looking to make their kitchens prettier. The past year’s demand for kitchen tools and baking equipment has dramatically skyrocketed in interest. Prefabricated Kitchen and Kitchenettes rose to 900% in search alone. In the same category, people are looking for outdoor kitchen ideas and even outdoor barbecue. If you are going to commit to this, you might also look for other relevant tools and equipment like kitchen and dining carts, dutch ovens, air fryers, sandwich makers, saucepans, kitchen knives, and other kitchenware.

2. Travel Trailers

Perhaps due to the limited availability of establishments and fewer entertainment options, people are reconnecting with mother nature now more than ever. People are looking to enjoy road trips and outdoors through caravans for their campings and or trips with family and friends. No one knows when this pandemic will end, but for sure, people will use their travel trailers more after they reconnect themselves with their natural environment. 

3. Snack Cakes

Snack Cakes
Photo from Pexels

More and more people are searching for snack cake recipes, either because they are craving a confectionary snack or just enjoy the process of making them. This demand would be relevant to start a business that provides tools and ingredients to its snack cake-eating or baking customers. Baking is still a broad niche. Some people like to bake savory goods, but in 2021 – people are looking more on the sweet stuff.

4. Paper Napkins

Like all unlikely hobbies that emerged from people in quarantine, people are now channeling their creativity through paper napkin folding or decoration, making this one of the most relevant trends this year. 

5. Baby and Toddler Furniture Sets

The Baby Industry has always been relevant, but many babies are expected to be born more than usual this year. And as people are now paying more attention to their homes because of spending more time in them, they make sure that it is a safe physical space to raise a child. Think about nursery essentials like cribs, changing tables, high chairs, and more. 

6. Diving & Snorkeling Equipment Sets

Diving & Snorkeling Equipment Sets
Photo from Pexels

As mentioned in Number 5, people are having fun in nature more than ever – and some are seeking adventure in Australia’s coastal areas. More than just swimming or sun-bathing by the shore, people are more adventurous through diving and snorkeling, making the industry of watersports equipment more relevant this year. 

7. Hand Exercisers

For another year of possibly working home on computers, the hands can also be exhausted and may lead to health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome. And with more people looking to strengthen their hands from typing and doing other jobs at home, the market for hand exercisers is looking to be more profitable this year. Examples of hand exercisers are fidget toys and grip strengtheners. 

8. Boat Trailers

For whatever reason, may it be the desire to bring their boats to different coastal areas or prevent dirt from gathering on the downsides – boat trailers are selling hotly this year. Related searches under this category are “kayak trailers” and “Tinny.” When deciding to take on this niche, you might also consider looking at spare parts for customers to come back.

9. Coffee and Tea Sets

Coffee and Tea Sets
Photo from Pexels

Coffee and tea have already been a part of one’s daily life. But due to safety, people are now investing in coffee makers, french presses, or finding one’s serenity in a teacup. Drinking these beverages has been an experience pre-COVID; that is why people elevate their coffee and tea game by buying pretty tea sets to set the mood. 

10. Plant Stands

Staying at home forces people to make the most with what they have available, so more people pay attention to keeping their gardens more beautiful. There can never be too many plants to take care of, just space for them to thrive and bloom. 

11. Vehicle Waxes, Polishes & Protectants

Perhaps driving is a safer option than commuting, that is why people are using their cars even more. And when reaching the dirt roads and rugged trails, cars may collect dust, dirt, or even scratches, so there is a glaring need to protect and keep these cars shiny. 

12. Indoor Climbing Holds

From thrillseekers who still want to stay safe indoors, climbing holds can be the best option to feel still adventurous. There are also emerging rock-climbing places that people don’t want to miss, so right now would be the best time to offer this product. 

13. Roller Skates

Roller Skates
Photo from Pexels

Roller skates are (pun intended) on a roll in the niche market, especially kids and teens. Learning how to do fun tricks with it is also a plus, making a considerable number from this age group want to have a pair immediately. 

How do I find my perfect niche? 

Having lots of Niche options can be a little overwhelming because everything has the potential to bring money to your bank accounts. But worry not, we provided a brief 3-step pointer that you may follow.

1. Find what is relevant.

If you already read the 16 eCommerce Niches for 2021, you are already on the right track. Not only are you now able to identify the most profitable markets, but you are also allowing yourself to have a lot of options. You may try making a shortlist of 5-10 niches you want to work on just to focus on “niching down” the niche products themselves.  

2. Assess the problem it is solving.

Now that you have a list, you may now assess the need for these products. Consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of problem is this product solving?
  • Will the problem of this niche still be present years from now?
  • Is this niche able to adapt to a changing environment?

Hopefully, you can weed out types of products that do not satisfy your free-minded judgment.

3. Follow your passion.

While it may seem obvious, you need to make sure that you can commit to a niche to sustain a genuine interest through time. Businesses fail because of a lack of passion, and you sure don’t want to waste all your time and effort on something you do not want. 


Times are changing, and so are the needs of people from different areas of life. As long as you can identify problems and even their root causes, you are never running out of things to sell in this digital age. Remember that since these are niches and are already proven to be highly profitable, you will need to work hard to stand out in the market. To do so, you must be clear with what you are willing to spend your time learning and thinking about for a long time.

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