Facebook Groups for eCommerce Professionals and Entrepreneurs in Australia

With some rocky changes to the algorithm over the last few years, Facebook groups are becoming a more popular and useful feature for Facebook.

For Aussie eCommerce professionals and owners who are looking to connect with likeminded peers, here are some of Australia’s top eCommerce Facebook groups:

1. eCommerce Business Builders Australia

Type: Private

Member Background: SME ecommerce entrepreneurs

eCommerce Business Builders Australia is a helpful, active group with posts asking for advice and recommendations. You can also find some inspiration here as many store owners share their stories on what they do and how they started their eCommerce businesses. There are some promotional posts but they are not overwhelmingly common or irrelevant.

2. Drop Shipping Australia

Type: Private

Member Background: SME eCommerce entrepreneurs

This group is a home for eCommerce entrepreneurs interested in the drop-shipping distribution model. Some third party logistics and drop-ship friendly suppliers can be found in the group as well.

3. Shopify Businesses Australia

Type: Private

Member Background: Shopify eCommerce entrepreneurs

This group is founded and managed by Aframe Design, a Victorian based design studio. Members are all (clearly) Shopify business owners and topics range from store feedback requests to requests for plugin recommendations.

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