How to Stop Contact Form Spam on Shopify

Contact forms make it easier for people to contact you without opening up Gmail, typing out your email and pressing send. It also helps protect your email from being picked up by spammers and email harvesters.

However, just as contact forms make it easy for customers to contact you, they also make it easier for others to spam you.

Unfortunately, Shopify’s native spam filtering software leaves much to be desired. For one client, we consistently received so much spam that we had to disable the contact form entirely.

However you can stop Shopify form spam by:

  1. Removing the form
  2. Using an externally provided contact form
  3. Installing spam protection plugins

1. Remove the form

If you aren’t looking for much customer contact, you may try removing the contact form entirely and spelling your email out in this fashion:

yourname (at) domainname (dot) com

2. Use a 3rd party form

Forms like Wufoo allow you to collect responses elsewhere, through another company’s email sever and spam filtering system.

3. Install a spam protection plugin (recommended)

Another option is to make use of a form protection plugin such as Shop Protector by HumanPresence.

While there are paid and unpaid versions, Shop Protector allows you to protect forms against spam by using HumanPresence’s AI which distinguishes human behaviour from robotic (read: spam) actions.

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