Types of Jobs in eCommerce

As one Australia’s fastest growing industries, eCommerce is opening the market to a range of jobs. Here is a list of jobs that be found in most eCommerce companies.

Marketing Roles

SEO Specialist

SEO specialists are expected to help the company with their search engine optimisaiton, including likely some level of web development knowledge, technical SEO, content writing statistics and familiarity popular SEO tools.


Copywriters are needed for creating content for content marketing, product descriptions and writing pages on eCommerce websites.

Campaign Managers

Campaign Managers are needed to coordinate several marketing channels towards specific events, such as Black Friday campaigns. This role can be joined to an existing position or a stand alone role at a larger organisation.

PPC Specialist / Ad Manager

Pay Per Click (PPC) Specialists and Ad Managers are tasked with planning, running and managing paid advertising campaigns across channels such as Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Email Marketing Specialist

Email Marketing Specialists create and run email marketing campaigns, such as weekly newsletters and automated email campaigns or CRM initiatives.

Data Analyst

Data Analysts will help the organisation understand product and marketing performance by the collection and analysis of data. Typical programs will include Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and others.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are needed to help produce website banners, social media and general advertising images, product images, email graphics and more.

Marketing Manger

Marketing managers are responsible for one or multiple marketing channels or geographic areas such as Asia Pacific or Australia and New Zealand. Marketing managers are required to plan, oversee and manage their channels and may have several direct reports including agencies.

Marketing Coordinator

Also known as marketing assistants and executives. Marketing coordinators are responsible for executing marketing campaigns across most channels.


Project Managers

Project managers manage technical projects within the company, usually at the intersection of technology and marketing. Example projects include new CRM systems, ERP, inventory management systems or custom applications.

Web Developer

Web Developers are responsible for building and maintaining eCommerce platforms and associated applications.

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designers work along side Web Developers and Project Managers or marketing teams to design, develop and test extensions to the eCommerce platform.

Merchandising and Operations

Administrative Assistant

Also known as eCommerce assistants, executives or managers. Administrative assistants help in the running of the business generally and can be involved in all areas including marketing and warehouse operations.

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are the backbone of managing eCommerce operations. CSRs are required to manage returns, exchanges and customer enquiries.

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Managers will help oversee teams of CSRs and develop policies, conduct training and may be involved in hiring of new CSRs.

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